Are you ready to dive deep into the world of alchemy and unlock the secrets to manifesting your dreams using the ancient powers of GOLD?

Led by Carlene Saelg, a seasoned expert in energy healing and spiritual awakening,

this masterclass is your ticket to practical alchemical wisdom.


When: Wednesday May 22nd 2pm EST

What You'll Get..

🌟 Discover Hidden Secrets:

Learn ancient alchemical wisdom that's been passed down through the ages.

🌟 Transform Your Life:

Gain practical techniques to transmute energy, manifest abundance, and elevate your consciousness.

🌟 Personalized Support:

Benefit from Carlene's 23 years of experience as she guides you through your journey.

Here are 5 ways that I can help you become a well-respected leader in your industry:

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Why Alchemy With Gold Masterclass?

✨ Expert Guidance:

Trust in Carlene's expertise to lead you toward meaningful transformation.

✨ Overcome Challenges:

We provide practical solutions to help you overcome any obstacles in your path.

✨ Invest in Yourself:

Your journey toward alchemical mastery is an investment in your own potential.

The world is waiting for you!

Designed for intuitive leaders who aspire to confidently create and manifest at will and uplevel their impact.

This conversation breaks through barriers of knowledge and activation for confident creation.

About Carlene

Galactic Shaman and Spiritual Mentor

Carlene Saelg is a renowned Galactic Shaman, owner of Interstellar Chats Podcast and Lightwave Energy Master on a mission to expand others into their divine potential through the power of energy and consciousness.

Carlene's 24-year journey into energy healing began when she experienced a profound spiritual awakening that led into the study of various healing modalities, including Reiki, sound healing, crystal therapy, and shamanism.

It wasn’t enough. And she knew it.

Over time, as she attempted to integrate these practices into her life and leadership, she realized there was something more lingering just outside of her perception.

It was through her quest for answers and discovering her cosmic connections that she developed her signature three-level activation course, Lightwave Mastery Activations.

As a Galactic Shaman, Carlene works with higher dimensional beings and ancient earth wisdom to first help her clients release old patterns and limiting beliefs in order to connect to their divine purpose and then unlock their original potential and accelerate their evolution into becoming an impactful and influential Galactic Human.

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